Keeping Up With Technology.

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When technology is aligned to your strategic business goals it can deliver a strong competitive advantage. Hence identifying the key strategic business goals and defining “productivity” within your business must come first. Only then can you truly choose technology that will support the enablement of processes in achieving goal focused success and stay up to date.


A good place to start

  • Determine your strategic business goals.
  • Define “productivity” and what it means to your business.
  • Map your human resources to the strategic goals in terms of function, process and importance.
  • Chose solutions that empower your human resources and give them the tools to achieve the business goals.

In recent times an OPEX model known as Software as a Service “SaaS” has helped minimise the challenge of keeping up with technology. Traditionally technology was seen as a CAPX cost and meant that in most cases the business had to hedge extra capability to cope with growth and increasing usage needs, meaning that total cost realisation was quite rare. With the advent and subsequent maturing of “SaaS” models, businesses can minimise upfront costs, tap into a high rate of return, amortised costs based on usage, create real technology flexibility and meet the changing business needs. How do you keep up?


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