“Social media experts” make me grumpy

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Okay so no doubt at some point you’ve been urged to “use social media to groooowww”, “create a Facebook page” or “post a blog” because everyone is and if you don’t, you’re an out of touch, non Gen Y epic fail business.


This is all fine and dandy except no one tells you that it’s not a one size fits all fix, meaning that many businesses end up with painfully dead pages as their top ranked links on Google.




  Yes and I also like watching riveting videos of tumbleweeds (ok, but this tumbleweed vortex is pretty awesome)


Businesses can definitely use social media – but you should work out what is uniquely best for your business.




If your business sells, say, running shoes, posting your own photos of new stock as well as letting customers comment or ask questions on the post is an excellent way to interact.


rei.com, an online retailer for sports and outdoor gear manufactures their own products and blogs to get direct input from customers e.g. for women’s sleeping bags.


Google blogs about its upcoming products and posts internal videos which explain how its products work as well on other interesting topics like the YouTube Symphony orchestra or A Birthday Salute to John Lennon.

Its okay to blog about things which interest you and which might interest your readers – social media isn’t about trying to sell, sell, sell. Developing a relationship with your customers online is the key purpose so stay away from making any of your posts sound like an ad.






How-to videos are interesting because they’re useful. Osprey, an outdoor gear manufacturer, has posted several videos about their gear, including one on how to most efficiently pack your backpack.


Liberty London, a UK fashion retailer has posted a video of one of their scarf stylists showing how to tie a scarf.


Not only has that video garnered 18,000 views but the scarf in the video sold out instantly online.


If you run a computer business, you could post a video like the classic one on how to make a foil parabolic reflector to boost your wifi range.


For my shameless Telstra plug, we also have a know how video channel that has some pretty decent how to videos like how to call or send smses from your Telstra T-Touch Tab™.


Etc etc – basically, videos that give your customers useful and quality information will ultimately create a better presence for your business online.





Really basic points about Facebook and Twitter


Facebook pages are great because LOTS of people have Facebook profiles. Businesses can embed Facebook’s “Like” button as a social plug-in in their own webpages. If a user clicks “Like” on the business’ page, it shows up on the business’ webpage as well as in the user’s Facebook profile, which in turn is usually posted to their Facebook friends’ profiles.






Facebook is also useful for running competitions. If you create a business page, users have the option to “Like” the page and then receive your updates through their Facebook profiles. You can easily set up a competition in the Events section of the Facebook profile which allows you to set a start and end time as well as include a description of the terms and conditions.


Twitter is another way to keep your customers updated on what you’re doing. You can usually set up your blog to post an update to Twitter every time you make a post. Twitter lets you embed a “Tweet” icon in your posts as well so customers can post links to your post to their own profiles.


So…. show me the best business blogs and how to videos you’ve seen around or used or feel free to rant about how every man and his “social media expert” has told you to use social media or else. I’ll see if I can dig up a few more and post them here too.


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