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Best Language For Mobile App Development?

The mobile app development industry is continuously growing. According to a survey, mobile apps are estimated to generate 935 billion of revenue by 2023. If you're thinking of developing a mobile app, then it's the right time to start.

But the question is, what programming language should you prefer?

Basically, there isn’t one single best programming language. It completely depends on the app you’re looking forward to making.

But these are the most popular languages used by application development services. It includes:


  • Java
  • JavaScript
  • Swift
  • Kotlin
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Best Languauge For Mobile App Development

Totally agree with your post. It is surely the best time to step into the field of Mobile app development according to logo glory blogs. And as far as language concerns, I think if React native would be the best lib of JS to start as a beginner. After gaining some experience you can switch to any other lang, but starting from JS would help you a lot.