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IELTS Writing: How to Write an IELTS Essay?

One of the most common myths about IELTS is the belief that you need to do as many practice tests as possible to pass the IELTS exam. Similarly, some people believe that to write a good custom papers review you need to write a lot of essays beforehand or learn sample essays by heart.


In fact, if you want to get a high IELTS essay score, you should learn before you start practicing essay writing:


  1. Essay Types. The structure of the essay should differ depending on the assignment.
  2. The sequence of actions on the exam. Effective allocation of time on the exam and ideas/suggestions in the essay.
  3. IELTS essay requirements. Linking words, turns of speech, grammatical constructions which will improve your score. Words and phrases to avoid. Writing style.
  4. IELTS Writing assessment criteria.

More than once I've encountered the opinion of students that they know everything about the introduction, the main part and the conclusion. But did you know that according to the official data of statistics the Writing part of the IELTS exam is the most difficult? 


In our opinion, it is because the students do not pay proper attention to the correct preparation for Writing, namely they do not take into consideration the differences between the types of essays and the IELTS writing evaluation criteria.


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IELTS is one of the most difficult exams to attempt for a...

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