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Social studies essay plan

The social studies essay outline is almost no different from that for other reviews. Now we will give you a detailed plan of the essay, and we will describe in sufficient detail what should be included in each part. So, the social studies essay outline looks as follows: 


It is worth saying right away that there are no strict requirements for this work. The main thing is that the topic should be disclosed. It is necessary to demonstrate your knowledge of the theory and confirm with facts from history, literature or life. The introduction is not mandatory, but desirable. Many students cannot imagine an essay without an introduction. If it is difficult for you to start the essay immediately with a reflection, make a small introduction (2-3 sentences). Here you can clearly state the problem. If there is no introduction, the points for this are not reduced. 

The point of the quote 

This small part consists of no more than five sentences. It is not at all necessary to cite the statement in its entirety. It will be enough and the reference to the author, and then - interpretation in their own words. Many people use clichés here, for example: "The statement of the philosopher Feuerbach discusses (or describes) a phenomenon (process or problem) ..." or "The meaning of the statement ... is that ...". In the examples, you will see how to use these forms correctly. 


In this part you have to write whether you agree with the author's opinion or not. In most cases, students will confirm the opinion and simply rewrite the quote using specific terminology. Also in this part you can give examples to defend your point of view. 


It is better to avoid any general phrases, you should give specific examples ("as we know from the chemistry course...", "as the famous philosopher said..." and similar forms). 


In conclusion, we need to summarize everything we said earlier. Students often use this form: "Thus, the above examples suggest that..." Instead of a three-dot, we need to insert a restatement of the main idea of the statement.


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