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Techniques for generating qualified opportunities

If you want to achieve success in sales management, it's time to think hard about lead generation. Although it is not the first idea that comes to the minds of many professionals in the field, it is easy to see that it all starts with entering the funnel.

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Focusing on the generation of qualified opportunities, in this sense, is the most efficient method to increase the potential of the Sales team. And, to top it off, it also results in lower costs and faster and more optimized cycles.

But to talk about this subject, we also need to mention two major possible ways to feed the commercial process. Find out what they are in the following text: 

Reading time: 6 min. 

You will know about: 

  • Inbound Marketing to generate opportunities at scale; 
  • Outbound Marketing to generate assertive opportunities; 
  • Qualification of leads for demand generation. 


Inbound Marketing for Opportunities at Scale

Inbound Marketing is the most suitable strategy for those looking to generate leads on a scale. It is a passive prospecting technique to attract opportunities through Digital Marketing content and strategies.

The most common is to invest in materials such as blogposts, webinars and eBooks. And, more recently, videos are also coming into play. 

The big idea to ensure good results in Inbound is the use of good SEO practices. That's because they optimize your placement in search engines .

In this way, the lead searches the Internet about your market pains and finds you. By consuming quality content, he comes to trust his work. Thus generating the necessary authority for you to be chosen at the time of purchase decision.

The advantage of this method is the possibility of investing less and having a good return, even if it takes time to build the relevance of the virtual domain. The downside is the difficulty in controlling the quality of the leads attracted into the funnel, which can create bottlenecks if not properly qualified.

Outbound Marketing for assertive lead generation

The second way to generate opportunities is active prospecting - in this case, Outbound Marketing .

While Inbound's posture is passive, investing in ways for the lead to reach you, Outbound works differently: your company's professionals are the ones who take action to win new leads, contacting them according to the ICP already defined .

The main secret of the success of this strategy is to define the target audience and its ICP very well. Due to this orientation towards the successful profile, prospecting is, by itself, more qualified. After all, your team will only go after those leads that are interesting and fit for business. 

Although Outbound Marketing requires a greater investment, the results are agile and the impact on ROI is immediate. This is one reason why active prospecting is very suitable for companies that are starting and looking for their space in the market.

Lead Qualification for Lead Generation

Whichever path you choose, qualifying leads is essential to keeping tabs on your Sales Funnel. Through it, incoming leads - both Inbound and Outbound - are properly filtered to see which ones are worth a concrete approach.

The logic is simple: not every lead that enters the base has the interest and/or ability to purchase your solution.

The only way to rate these opportunities is to apply qualifying filters. They are applied through direct contact, usually via telephone or VoIP.

Filter 1 is done through Google and/or social networks and is aimed at superficial qualification of leads. The focus is to identify if the contact numbers are correct, in addition to verifying the company's area of ​​operation and other public information available.

Filter 2, on the other hand, is done during the call and is aimed at deep qualification. It identifies the most important data for the business process, such as:

  • Solution need;
  • Market pains;
  • Technical accessibility;
  • Budget availability.

These are the two main ways of working to generate qualified sales leads. Best of all, they are not exclusive! On the contrary: the ideal is to bring them together for greater results.

Once you pass qualification, only the best leads will stay in the base and become successful new sales.

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Good sales!