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How to Migrate QuickBooks to a New Server Computer?

Moving the QuickBooks data to another server requires you to perform a number of ways. First of all, you will have to create a backup of your company files. Once the backup is taken, you can download the QuickBooks software on a new server computer and set the folder permission. Thereafter, it is required to install the QuickBooks Data Server Manager. migrate quickbooks to new server,On the new server computer, you will have to set up the admin rights as well. Once done, scan the folder containing QuickBooks files and then you can enable multi-user access.

To know the entire procedure of migrating the QuickBooks data to another server, you can continue following the steps:

Step 1: Take a Backup of QuickBooks Company Files

While taking a backup, you need to make sure that the backup files are stored on the local drive of your computer. It should not be on the network.

  • Now, put the “Flash Drive” on your PC.
  • Launch “QuickBooks Desktop”.
  • Go to the “File” menu available on the top left.
  • Click on the “Back Up Company” option.
  • Now, select the “Create Local Backup” option.
  • Press the “Next” button.
  • Follow the on-screen prompts to complete the backup process.

Step 2: Install QuickBooks on a New Server Computer

Once done with the backup, you can install the accounting software program on the new server computer.

  • If you want to access the complete version of QuickBooks software on the new server computer then choose the “custom and network install” and select the “I’ll be using QuickBooks Desktop on this computer”.
  • But, if you only want to use the server computer for hosting the files then click on the “I will NOT be using QuickBooks Desktop on this computer” option.
  • Thereafter, you can complete the QuickBooks installation on the new server.